6th October 2016

Church Planting: 3 by 23

The London borough of Enfield is a big place. Put it anywhere else in the country and it would be a city in its own right. Almost 340,000 people call Enfield their home, not to mention the surrounding areas which have close links to the borough. These are people who matter to God.

Within this area there is huge variation: there are areas of wealth and poverty, a wide variety of nationalities and backgrounds, languages and lifestyles. Many of these people are in close proximity to a faithful churches that are proclaiming the good news of Jesus. But in certain parts of this area, there is much less chance that the Lord Jesus will be known.

That is why our ambition as a group of churches is to see three gospel churches planted in the eastern part of of Enfield by 2023. We long to see the gospel of Jesus proclaimed in the least reached places in our borough. Over recent years we have been prayerfully seeking the Lord’s will in working towards this aim of starting 3 new churches.

The first of these three was Silver Street Community Church, which launched in 2015 in the southernmost part of the borough. The second was Bury Street Community Church, which began in 2017 in the central part of the borough. As we look to the future, we are prayerfully investigating opportunities to see a third new church planted in the Turkey Street area, towards the north of the borough.

Will you join us in praying for this ongoing initiative?

  1. Ask the Lord to be stirring our hearts so that we might consider a personal involvement in taking the gospel to these local communities.
  2. Ask the Lord to fill us with compassion for the lost people in these neighbourhoods, make us committed in prayer, and sacrificial in giving resources to future work there.
  3. Pray that churches and individuals farther afield might also be gripped by the same big gospel ambition for this area and add their support to this partnership endeavour.