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About Us

We are a family of FIEC* churches that can be described using two words:


We are a family of churches sharing a Gospel DNA, as set out in the FIEC statement of faith. We are together devoted to proclaiming the Gospel of the crucified and risen Lord Jesus from the Bible, believing that it is the gospel that saves people and builds His church.

We are also together for mutual support. We pray for one another, share resources with one another, and encourage one another in the local communities we are part of. Our leaders pray regularly together. We also support one another with shared activities such as our annual away-day, training events and a summer youth camp.


We are a family of churches who have a shared gospel-driven ambition for the geographical areas in which God has placed us. Together we want to be reaching the unreached areas of Enfield and its connected areas with the good news of Jesus. We want to see new churches started, growing and then together helping us to keep reaching new areas in and around Enfield. We are by no means the only gospel churches in the area, but have chosen to come together in a special way because of our shared Gospel DNA. We have a heart to start new churches in the coming years, especially in Eastern Enfield.

* Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches